How to Customize the Taskbar in Windows 7

By default windows Taskbar is located on the bottom of your screen. You can adjust its size, visibilty and location by following few simple steps.
  1. Right click on the Taskbar and click on Properties
  2. A window Taskbar and Start Menu Properties opens in which you can customize your Taskbar under the Taskbar tab

Lock the taskbar

Selecting this option prevents the user from resizing the Taskbar. If you unselect this option, you can change the height of the Taskbar by placing your mouse pointer on the edge of the Taskbar and dragging it to the desired size.

Auto-hide the taskbar

Selecting this option hides the Taskbar automatically when you move your mouse pointer away from the Taskbar. This is extremely useful when you don't switch between windows frequently or when your screen height is small.

Use small icons

Selecting this option reduces the size of Taskbar icons and its height. This is useful on small displays.

Taskbar location on screen

This option changes the position of Taskbar on the screen. The Taskbar can be positioned in four different positions - Bottom, Left, Right and Top. Default position is Bottom.

Taskbar buttons

This option allows you to group icons of same types in the Taskbar. There are three choices available:
  1. Always combine, hide labels - This is the default one. Under this choice, all window icons of same type are grouped together
  2. Combine when taskbar is full - When you set this option, all windows are shown using separate icons but when the Taskbar is full, icons of same type are grouped together
  3. Never combine - This option will never allow the icons to combine even when the Taskbar is full