Need for Blog or Website and which one is better?

What is the need for a website or blog?

A website increases your online presence. If you are an individual, you might want to share your information with others. If you are a company you will surely need to have an online presence, because of the following reasons:
  • a website gets you to many individuals
  • a website make your business run 24/7 without needing your intervention
  • a website makes your business run even while you are sleeping

What is the difference between a blog and a website?


A website is a place where you can keep your data organised. You need to have some coding skills like HTML, CSS etc., to get your website done or you need to hire some professionals in order to design a website for you. But if you spend some time you can learn these HTML, CSS very easily within a very few days and can design yourself a site.


A blog is a place where you can publish your content easily but it is difficult to organize your data. You don't need to have any prior knowledge or technical skills to start blogging as they are ready made and you can just concentrate on writing content

Which one to choose, a blog or a website?

If you want to publish your data with ease or want to post updates regularly a Blog is the right place. Blogs are generally preferred for individuals. Also if you have a diversified content you may start blogging.
If you want to have a organised content you need to start with a website. Websites are generally best for business companies. You may also have a website if your content is focused on particular areas where it is easy to organise your content. Users can easily browse through your content if you have a well organised website.
You can also have both website and blog. Create a website to organise your content and start blogging to post your updates regularly.