Website Design Basics, a Good website Design

A good website design

An elegant web design would be the one in which your website is visually appealing, content rich, easily navigable and highly organised. Design the website imagining that you were a customer to your site.

Visually appealing

Your website should be visually appealing to the viewers. If your website is not clean enough, it discourages the users from staying on your site. Choose a good color combination for the text and background on your site. Don't use too much graphics or animations or banners on your sites, as they may not appeal to some potential customers.


Provide high quality and unique content. This also helps in increasing your site rank. Do not use copyrighted content. Avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Also minimize usage of high graphic content and larger size images. This may increase loading time of your site and makes your visitors uncomfortable.

Easily navigable menu

Minimize the efforts of the users by providing them with a easily navigable menu at the top or on the left side of your web page. If you have a large website with too many pages and links, don't make it too clumsy by trying to provide more links in the menu. Divide the pages into different categories and include the link of the main categories in the menu. You may even go for an extended sub-menu. Provide sitemap if necessary.

Organised content

As already said typically a website is a place to organise your content. Keep it organised as far as possible. Divide the pages into different categories and sub categories if necessary.