2 ways to Create a Static Home page for Blogger

You can display static content on your Blogger blog's home page instead of showing your blog posts. You can also show blog posts along with the static content on the home page.

Method I

Use Blogger's Custom Redirects option to redirect you blog's home page to a static page of your blog.
  1. First you need to create a static page for your blog. For this, go to Pages and click on New page and click Blank page
  2. Add the static content you want to display in this page and Publish it with the title "Home". Also remember the page address. In most cases it should be your-blog-address/p/home.html, else remember the URL after "/p/" and use the address of your static page instead of home.html in the 5th step
  3. If you have Pages gadget enabled on your blog, go to the Layout tab and Edit the Pages gadget. Uncheck the default Home page and move your newly created static "Home" page to the top and Save the gadget
  4. Now you need to redirect your blog's home page to the static page you created. Go to Settings > Search preferences and under the Errors and redirections section, click on Edit beside the Custom Redirects option
  5. In the From input field enter "/" (without quotes) and in the To input field enter "/p/home.html" (without quotes).
  6. Select the Permanent option and Save it.
You are done with creating a static home page. Now when you enter your blog's address in the browser, you will be redirected to your-blog-address/p/home.html, that is the address at which the static "Home" page you created is present.